Project Outline

Through A Wall Installation sketch (Alinah Azadeh 2016)

Through A Wall Installation sketch (Alinah Azadeh 2016)

Through a Wall is a collaborative arts project currently in research and development. It is led by artist Alinah Azadeh, in collaboration with writer /academic/researcher Craig Larkin (Kings College) and theatre practitioner Maria Pattinson. It was seeded during a series of Salons on conflict and belief brokered by Kings Cultural Institute and 3FF.

The project will take the form of an audio App and eventual installation immersing the listener in a vivid set of interactive stories – and inviting them to respond. Encounters with walls that divide, borders that open and close, the invisible barriers between people and those deep within the human self – and with what lies beyond.
Step inside the skin of a stranger on a bench at Tehran airport or at a kitchen table in Belfast. Hear tales of fear overcome in the dead of night, acts of forgiveness between perpetrators and victims – or imagined reunions with estranged siblings.
An intimate, provocative and poetic lens on how the human desire to overcome barriers is stronger than the power to uphold them, and the tension between the two. You will also be invited to contribute your own story in response to what you hear, as the project grows globally.

Alinah Azadeh was resident artist at Blast Theory this Spring, developing the project into a initial set of audio narratives based on her own history,  before heading into a series of workshops, events and encounters from which some of the other narratives will be written –   and ending with a prototype by September. To follow the project read her blog on AN.

Communities connected to the project include Aik Saath and Mile End Community Project  as well as individuals Alinah has met through the Welcome Refugees movement and on her other travels with the project.

Through A Wall is currently supported in its research and development by Arts Council England and the GHF Foundation for Peace.

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